Friday, November 29, 2013

New Items in "Australian Theology Resources" on this blog

I have begun a review of the links that  are provided on the sidebar of this site and will publish updates over the coming weeks.

A list formerly called "Must Read" has been renamed as "Australian Theology Resources" and now includes new material on Aboriginal and Torres Strait Theology as well as references to the Pacific region.

Saturday, November 23, 2013

Christ the King Rocks!

Get out the balloons and whistles, ring a few bells and dance in the nave of your Church. Today is the feast of Christ the King. It began as an "in-house" political campaign by Catholics which has been taken up by many other Christian traditions who yearn for more ritual and rythym.

In an extended tweet to senior clerics Pius XI established the feast in 1925. Quas Primus is a bit of a quaint read in the 21st century with its regal overtones of the royal "We' and a woeful devotion to men as an adequate descriptor of the human race.

Pius XI made the cover of Time in 1933. He was shrewd politician who pulled off the Lateran Treaty and then took a few steps from the Vatican to St Peter's Square to begin a new age of the Church's engagement with the City Politic. There is a great bio available on the Mad Monarchist site. Enough of the Pope, let's get to the main act of the day.

The feast of Christ the King falls within days of our Governor -General backing a Republic, gay marriage and an ethic of care.Somehow a feast of Christ the President just doesn't capture the imagination does it? And "Hail Redeemer President Divine" wouldn't get into Songs of Praise. PS, doesn't that version rock!!

There are plenty of reflections for the feast if you want to do a Google search. I suggest this is a celebration for  music and what better image than a real monarch singing away to the "matchless king through all eternity"

Best read for the day is The Girardian  Lectionary

A general reflection on "Christ the King" Sunday: We don't often think in terms of kings or kingdoms anymore. The PC way of talking about it is to talk about a "Reign of Christ." But I'm not sure that catches it, either. In this democratic, capitalist age we don't talk about either kingdoms or reigns. Even "nation" is becoming less of an issue. What is it that we talk about the most these days when it comes to social constructs? Isn't it "culture"? Everything these days is about "culture," isn't it? So how about the "Culture of Christ" Sunday?

And then Girard's cultural anthropology, which is both generative and evangelical, promises tremendous insight. The generative aspect is quite unique. I get sick to death, frankly, of going to seminar after seminar in which there is so much babble about culture that amounts to little more than a cataloguing of characteristics. I am not aware of any other theories about culture that actually suggests how culture is generated, how it comes into being. That kind of depth of understanding about culture has been sorely and ironically lacking in this culture of ours which talks ad nauseam about culture.

And Girard's cultural anthropology is evangelical in that he puts the Cross of Christ exactly at the center of what reveals to us the generation of culture as founded in murder -- which is exactly what this Sunday can be about. In the cross of Christ we see both the revelation of how we found our culture and how God founds the divine culture offered to us in Christ. The latter is founded in Christ's giving himself up to the murder which founds our culture, at the same time that he forgives us for it.

Saturday, November 16, 2013

Images That Open Your Eyes

You can bet there will be a flurry of denial theories and claims as in the Times report below about the Vatican not promoting this image. Bottom line is that this #Pope knows the power of symbol and image. He has abandoned the gaudy brocade and lace of his predecessor. He knows the power of the selfie in promoting issues and causes that address poverty and exploitation. The message is clear and the Pope gets a good Tee for those casual walks around the #Vatican.

What is Fracking

Water is worth more than gold

Thursday, November 14, 2013

Aunty Jean's Annual Christmas Cafe

A Time for Prayer and Solidarity

Catholic Choirs Concert Brisbane

Performances by St Mary's Choir from St Mary's Church South Brisbane, Chinese Catholic Community Choir, Korean Catholic Community Choir, and Indonesian Catholic Family Choir. Tea and light snacks are provided during break.

St Ita's Church Google Map

Tuesday, November 12, 2013

+ Fr. Dr. Jerome Murphy O’Connor R.I.P.

The 11th November is traditionally revered as Remembrance Day A generation before the Great War the date was already written into Australian History as the day Ned Kelly was hung a in Melbourne.In 1975 Australia again usurped the date in the dismissal of the Whitlam Government.

And now in 2013 it will be remembered by scholars and Biblical enthusiasts as the day Fr Jerome Murphy O'Connor passed away. The announcement of his death was published on the web site of the Ecole Biblique

 Frère Jérôme MURPHY O’CONNOR O.P.
a été rappelé a Dieu.
Il s’est éteint dans la paix, muni des sacrements de l’Eglise reçus quelques jours auparavant.
En communion avec sa famille et ses amis, en action de grâce pour son oeuvre immense au service de la Parole, et pour son amour indéfectible envers l’Ecole,
nous prions pour le repos de son âme.
« O beatum virum, cujus anima paradisum possidet! Unde exsultant angeli, laetantur archangeli, chorus sanctorum proclamat, turba virginum invitat: Mane nobiscum in aeternum! » (Antienne du Benedictus de ce jour)
His CV testifies to a life of significant scholarship that will continue to challenge and inspire those who seek to explore the literature and geography of the Biblical texts. His last interview with the Uk Catholic Herald is a Corker as he reflects on Jesus in the Garden of Gethsemane.

The online tributes and eulogies will be worth following as we pay tribute to a man who \opened our eyes" to the core texts of our faith, particularly the writings of Paul.

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