Saturday, November 04, 2006

The Church Fraternity Of Whips and Silks

It's Melbourne Cup time and today in Melbourne the racing fraternity will gather for its Annual Mass.

Today's Sunday Mail carries a feature story about Racing Fraternity Chaplain, Fr Brendan Dillon. During today's Mass we are told that Father Dillon will " bless a swag (sic) of silks, saddles, whips, goggles and other apparel as jockeys, owners and trainers seek divine help for Australia's great race."

Earlier this year champion jockeys including Darren Beadman, Danny Beasley and Jim Cassidy took part in a non-denominational mass (someone call in the liturgy police!!) to bless the Sydney Autumn Racing Carnival on Sunday, 26 March, at Our Lady of the Rosary, Kensington. At this event, the AJC d in conjunction with the STC, welcomed people of all faiths and beliefs to attend the service. The mass blessed the racing fraternity for the STC’s Golden Slipper Festival and the AJC’s Tooheys New Easter Carnival.

Hey, how aboout our Gay Carnivals getting a Mass? If it's OK to bless the whips silks and other apparel of the racing community then let's have a blessing for the Rainbow Sashes and flags!!! We wouldn't mind a blessing for some of our other 'apparel" as well.

The Church seems happy to suspend judgement about some of the ethical issues that seem to be part of the racing fraternity such as gambling and animal cruelty. Why the reluctance of the religious stewards to suspend judgement about the same sex attracted fraternity?

We do have some signs of the Rainbow Colours receiving recognition by the Church. Back in 1997 World Youth Day in Paris the Pope was surrounded by Rainbow clad Cardinels, bishops and clergy who all seemed quite comfy in their apparel.

The question remains: Where have all these cool looking vestments gone? Is there a warehouse outside Paris storing them up for the next WYD in Sydney? Will George Cardinel strutt the stage at Randwick in full Rainbow colours splashing buckets of holy water over whips and goggles??

I should acknowledge that these great images were found on a hoot of a traditonal Catholic site.