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Aquinas Memorial Lectures

In March 1944, eleven years after the opening of the Aquinas Library, the inaugural Aquinas Lecture, entitled "Aquinas and Modern Practices of Interest Taking", was delivered by Mr John P. Kelly in the rooms of the Aquinas Library with the Chief Justice of Queensland, Sir William Webb, as Chairman.

From then until 1950 an Aquinas Lecture was delivered each year. The new series of the Aquinas Memorial Lectures was established in 1979 by the Aquinas Library and continued by the Australian Catholic University McAuley Campus. The details of these subsequent lectures are listed below. Also available is "The Rise and Fall Of The Aquinas Library" by Frank Hills.

NOTE: Not all the lectures are available. Adobe Acrobat Reader or Microsoft Word is required to view the full text of those that are available.

Aquinas Lectures

2006 "Ethics sans frontieres: the vocation of global citizenship" by (Rev Dr) Noel Preston AM, BA, BD, M Ed(hons), ThD.
2004 "Building Capacity for Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Community in Health: Meeting the Challenge" by Associate Professor Cindy Shannon and Auntie Joan Hendriks.
2003 "Cash, Merit or Scholarship in the 21st Century University" by Professor Peter Spearritt.
2002 "Ecclesia: challenges for Asian Christianity" by Professor Peter Phan.

"Federation, Reconciliation, and the Future", by Phil Glendenning.

2000 "Towards Christian Unity - Love Lights the Way", by Pastor John Vitale.

"The Pathos and Paternity of God", by Bishop James Foley.

1998 "Collective responsibility and reconciliation with Australia's Indigenous peoples", by Professor Raimond Gaita.
1997 "The Challenge of Ethical Health Care Delivery in the Current Economic Climate", by Mr. M. Avery.

"Ethics in Public Life", by R.S. O'Regan Q.C.


"Euthanasia: Christian Morality and Today's Cultural Mores", by Dr. Bernadette Tobin. (This lecture was not published).

1994 "The Teacher of Irish Nationality: Thomas Davis 1814-1845", by Professor John Molony.
1993 "Catechisms in the Making: Questions and Answers in the Eighth Century and Today", by Dr. Joseph Munitiz S.J.
1992 "Whatever Could Make a University Catholic", by Professor Helen Sungaila. (This lecture was not published).

"Building other Towers: Archbishop Robert Dunne in Colonial Queensland", by Rev. Dr. Neil J. Byrne.


"Borromini: Genius of the Baroque", by Rev. Peter Grice. (This lecture was not published).


"St Stephen's Restored", by Very Rev. Frank Moynihan.


"Michelangelo Returns to Glory", by Dr. Walter Persegate. (This lecture was not published).

1987 "Embodiment and Incarnation: Notes on Preparing an Anthology of Australian Religious Verse", by Mr Les Murray.

"The Ascent of Tabor: Writing the Life of Archbishop Duhig", by Rev. Dr. T.P. Boland.

1985 "Boree Log: Early Australian History in the Poems of John O'Brien", by Rev. Frank Mecham.
1984 "Chinese Society Since Mao: Religion and Family", by Professor Colin Mackerras.
1983 "The Meaning of Dr Mannix", by Rev. Edmund Campion.

"Church Law 1982: Farce Fiction or Freedom?", by Rev. Dr. O.K. Oxenham.

1981 "From Greene to Gordon: The Changing Accent of Catholic Literature", by Mr Karl G. Schmude.

"Life Style and the Built Environment", by Mr Robin Gibson.


"James Quinn: Monarch of All He Surveyed", by Rev. Dr. T.P. Boland.


"Europe under the Shadow of Moscow", by Mr Arnold Lunn.


"The Poems of Aquinas", by Mr Martin Haley.

1948 "The Function of Tragedy", by Mr Donagh MacDonagh.

"The Evolution of the Evolutionary Ideas", by Dr A.E.F. Shaw.


"Higher Education in Australia", by Mr Colin Clark.


"Aquinas and the Modern Gentiles", by Mr D.G.M. Jackson.


"Aquinas and Modern Practices of Interest Taking", by Mr John P. Kelly.

The assistance of Julie McLaughlin and other library fieldwork students in making these pages possible is greatly appreciated.
Thanks to the following library fieldwork students for specific pages:- Melissa Bell for the 1982 lecture and Karen Stark for the 1994 lecture.