Wednesday, June 11, 2014

Benedict, Me and the Cardinals Three. Bishop Bill Morris

Congratulations and thanks to Bill Morris, Eremitus Bishop of Toowoomba. on the publishing of this significant work, Benedict, Me and the Cardinals Three.

The launch events should be great gatherings of people who are passionate about the Church and its place in contemporary society.
Details of the National Launch events are now available and I have linked to some good background reading.
The latest interview with Bill Morris has been published by the ABC Religion and Ethics Program on 11 June  here.

Launch details:
19 June
with Hon W J Carter
Carina Senior Citizens Club
6.30 for 7
23 June
Crypt, St Patricks at the Rocks
with Frank Brennan
6pm for 6.30
25 June
Parish Hall, Norwood
With Frank Brennan
7 for 7.30pm
26 June
Chapel, Australian Centre for Christianity and Culture
With Bishop Pat Power
7 for 7.30
4 July
JCR, Trinity College
With Maryanne Confoy
5.30 for 6pm
If you would like to attend a launch, email

Sunday, June 08, 2014

Invocation for Peace at The Vatican

This video of the historic Invocation for Peace at the Vatican is extraordinary.As well as capturing an historic moment in religious and world history, it also takes the viewer on an intimate visit to rarely seen sights of the Vatican Gardens.

We also get inside the Hotel where Pope Francis lives and those with a sharp eye will notice  diplomacy at work albeit with the famed informality that Francis brings to the world stage.

The clip runs for three hours but is worth a sitting as it as good as a guided tour. Because it is the Vatican and the guests represent the major Abrahamic Faiths there are blokes all over the place.You have to look closely to spot a female.There is more gender equity in the mosh pit of the camera crew and the orchestra.

And then as if to blow the whole gender issue out of the water the ceremony is introduced by a woman. The piece de resistance is that the text the MC reads  in English is a deliberate work of inclusion in contrast to the translators of the English Order of the Mass.

Text of Pope Francis' Speech
Huffington Post Report
ABC News Australia Report

Sunday, June 01, 2014

National Lament 1-8 June

Catholic Religious Australia invites you to participate in the National Lament Week of Prayer from Ascension Sunday June 1 to Pentecost Sunday June 8.

You are invited to pray the icon National Lament Week Prayer (48.4 kB) in small and large groups. 

As we pray, we stand in solidarity with the people seeking asylum in Australia and the people being detained in Australia and off-shore.

The Prayer will be on the CRA website:
Please join with others during the week of June 1-8 to pray for people seeking asylum.

During June 1-8, we hope to have a small group present outside each of the detention centres on at least one of those days.

Immigration detention facilities:
Christmas Island
Manus Island
Villawood NSW
Darwin NT
Brisbane Qld
Adelaide SA
Inverbrackie SA
Maribyrnong VIC
Melbourne VIC

Curtin WA
Perth WA

Yongah Hill (Northam) WA