Sunday, December 21, 2008

Eric Hodgens on Church

Catholica Editorial plus a Commentary by Fr Eric Hodgens — 20 December 2008…

AvatarIt's time for our ecclesial leaders to stop playing games! Our editorial today was triggered by a commentary Fr Eric Hodgens sent in late yesterday in which he expresses moral support for Archbishop John Bathersby and the parish community at St Mary's South Brisbane. In our editorial we amplify what Fr Hodgens has to say and suggest it is time the Bishops started to get serious in responding to the spiritual needs of ALL Catholics and not just the insecure and conservative minority who have been driving everyone else to distraction — or out the doors of our Church. [more]

Monday, December 15, 2008

Who's In and Who's Out for Christmas?

In case you have ever wondered who is "in and who is "out" as a Christin Church there is a clue in the contributors to the 2008 Christian Messages from Australian Church Leaders.

First thing to notice is that they are all male. Not even a unisex name like Terry or Kerrie among them. They include a couple of Johns, two Brians (No guest appearance by Bwian this year) ,a good selection of traditional names and two wonderful exceptions in Gregor Henderson (UCA) and Aghan Baliozian from the Armenian Church.

They speak for 11 member Churches of the National Council of Churches and for some unexplained reason the Baptist Union get "two bites at the cherry" with a message from the National Director and one from the President. George Cardinal must be spitting chips at a missed opportunity as the Catholic Church message came from Archbishop Philip Wilson, President of the Australian Catholic Bishops Conference. Poor old Phil has never been named in the media as Australia's top or head Catholic. That accolade is reserved for George.

I think it is jolly good for the boys at 'the top" to send us a reminder of the message behind the season as we are swamped by the Harvey Norman discount culture. I would like to send the boys at the top a few reminders about accountability, women in leadership, the preferential option for the poor, living simply and an invitation to get out of the stage and the sanctuary more often to find the Spirit at work in the hearts and minds of those in our streets and suburbs.