Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Billboards promoting Jesus as prophet of Islam cleared after complaints

Pro-Muslim billboards, one promoting Jesus as a Prophet of Islam have been cleared and did not breach advertising codes even though they sparked a number of complaints. Pass share this with all your Non Muslim friends to help break down the misconceptions and ignorance of Islam» Read More

 Bishop Julian Porteous of Sydney  finds these billboards "provocative and offensive"  Where was Bishop Porteous' indignation when a nuclear war ship  The City of Corpus Christi visited our shores recently? I certainly find the use of that traditional language of Catholicism highly offensive when used as a weapon of death. Bishop Porteous does not speak for me on this issue. Why aren't the "Temple Police" reporting this man to Rome for pastoral ineptitude instead of  hounding good men like Bishop Bill Morris of Toowoomba?

Rev Ian Powell of the Anglican Church presented a much more dynamic and encouraging response which engages the community.

Sunday, June 12, 2011


Luke14 is CBM Australia Initiative to encourage and enable your church to welcome and include people with a disability.

Wednesday, June 08, 2011

A sign of hope from Malaysia: Liberation Theology Course

Just to prove that Facebook isn't all about the trivia in life here is a news item that was posted in among events to which I have been invited.

A workshop for Christian Activist organized by Community Action Network (CAN) and The Malaysian Movement for Pax Romana ICMICA International Catholic Movement for Intellectual and Cultural Affairs.

10 June at 19:00 - 12 June at 16:00 Archdiocesan Pastoral Centre, Kuala Lumpur Fee: RM 120 and RM 80 (students) for food and accommodation)


- Lay people need to discover the theory and spirit of the Theology of Liberation
- To reflect on this spirituality in the context of Malaysia
-To celebrate the 50th anniversary of Vatican II by reinvigorating the church community
- To inspire greater activism for change within the church and the larger society

Read the program here

Featured Speakers
Fr Fabian Dicom
Jerald Joseph

This is a sign of hope in the midst of news stories that often fail to inspire and encourage participation in the Church. I am unable to get to this event but draw hope from the following exchange between myself and one of the organisers on the group Facebook page:
Dear Friends, I send you greetings, prayers and best wishes for this important gathering. I look forward to hearing of your deliberations and actions that we might build solidarity for justice in our region. I particularly hope you will keep in mind the current arrangement between the Governments of Australia and Malaysia which risk the safety of many refugees and asylum seekers.
Tony Thanks Tony for the kind words of encouragement. We definitely have lots of work to do especially with regards this cross border issue. In solidarity.

Friday, June 03, 2011

Welcome to the Jean Vanier Support Network

We have recently nominated Jean Vanier for some important International awards, including the Nobel Peace Prize, the Templeton Prize and the Fellowship for Reconciliation’s Pfeffer International Peace Prize. These nominations are made in the context of a global effort to make Jean and his work better known, and to ensure its vitality.

For most of us the social and human impact of Jean Vanier is unquestionable. Unfortunately, although he is often spoken of in the same breath as Mother Teresa, he does not always enjoy widespread public recognition.

It is not easy to promote the public visibility of a man “who has built a life around celebrating what is small, simple and rejected”, and who ultimately positions himself as strongly counterculture vis a vis contemporary world values of performance and success.

We remain convinced that the heart of the message of Jean Vanier is essential to a world desperately searching for meaning. We ask you to help us make a difference, by contributing a little of your influence to tip the scale towards increased public recognition of Jean Vanier.

We hope to recruit individuals, organizations, institutions or communities throughout the world who would be ready to share, on their own networks and with the media, any news of significance concerning Jean Vanier and his work.

Please join our network by sending an email to network@jean-vanier.org

We look forward to your collaboration. Together we can affirm and support the valuable and equal place of the most vulnerable and often rejected members of our society.

Martha Bala,
Board member, L’Arche International

Wednesday, June 01, 2011

Palestine Peace

Palestine Peace
The World Week for Peace in Palestine/Israel is a time in which you are invited to pray, reflect and act for peace in Palestine/Israel.  The week runs from 29 May to 4 June.  As part of the week of action, Palestinians and Israelis will pray for a just peace in Palestine/Israel in front of several Israeli settlements on the West Bank, in front of the separation wall and in various places of worship.  A web site with resources for prayer, liturgy, reflection and action has been established to help you to get involved in the week.  Go tohttp://www.worldweekforpeace.org/