Tuesday, November 12, 2013

+ Fr. Dr. Jerome Murphy O’Connor R.I.P.

The 11th November is traditionally revered as Remembrance Day A generation before the Great War the date was already written into Australian History as the day Ned Kelly was hung a in Melbourne.In 1975 Australia again usurped the date in the dismissal of the Whitlam Government.

And now in 2013 it will be remembered by scholars and Biblical enthusiasts as the day Fr Jerome Murphy O'Connor passed away. The announcement of his death was published on the web site of the Ecole Biblique

 Frère Jérôme MURPHY O’CONNOR O.P.
a été rappelé a Dieu.
Il s’est éteint dans la paix, muni des sacrements de l’Eglise reçus quelques jours auparavant.
En communion avec sa famille et ses amis, en action de grâce pour son oeuvre immense au service de la Parole, et pour son amour indéfectible envers l’Ecole,
nous prions pour le repos de son âme.
« O beatum virum, cujus anima paradisum possidet! Unde exsultant angeli, laetantur archangeli, chorus sanctorum proclamat, turba virginum invitat: Mane nobiscum in aeternum! » (Antienne du Benedictus de ce jour)
His CV testifies to a life of significant scholarship that will continue to challenge and inspire those who seek to explore the literature and geography of the Biblical texts. His last interview with the Uk Catholic Herald is a Corker as he reflects on Jesus in the Garden of Gethsemane.

The online tributes and eulogies will be worth following as we pay tribute to a man who \opened our eyes" to the core texts of our faith, particularly the writings of Paul.

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