Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Billboards promoting Jesus as prophet of Islam cleared after complaints

Pro-Muslim billboards, one promoting Jesus as a Prophet of Islam have been cleared and did not breach advertising codes even though they sparked a number of complaints. Pass share this with all your Non Muslim friends to help break down the misconceptions and ignorance of Islam» Read More

 Bishop Julian Porteous of Sydney  finds these billboards "provocative and offensive"  Where was Bishop Porteous' indignation when a nuclear war ship  The City of Corpus Christi visited our shores recently? I certainly find the use of that traditional language of Catholicism highly offensive when used as a weapon of death. Bishop Porteous does not speak for me on this issue. Why aren't the "Temple Police" reporting this man to Rome for pastoral ineptitude instead of  hounding good men like Bishop Bill Morris of Toowoomba?

Rev Ian Powell of the Anglican Church presented a much more dynamic and encouraging response which engages the community.
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