Sunday, April 03, 2016

PALMS Australia Recruiting Brisbane 2016

Archbishop Mark Coleridge
I pass on this request as part of a recruitment drive being undertaken by Palms Australia (Saturday 16 April 3.30pm in Brisbane Square Library, 266 George Street), the Catholic agency that prepares people for global mission and development volunteering. For nearly 55 years Palms has equipped and supported Australians who are willing to share their lives and skills.

For example, Palms supports Guida Cabrita ) from Brisbane, who is working for two years with two schools in East Timor. The Church supports those who take up a global mission placement in many ways, which can be better discussed in detail with PALMS Australia at the information day.

Importantly age is no barrier as Palms Australia seek those fit and healthy 21-81 year olds who are qualified and experienced in their fields. Pope Francis has reminded us that "today God asks this of us: to leave the nest which encloses us in order to be sent". Those sent inevitably return enriched by this experience of mission. Our schools and parishes can also benefit by following the progress of their mission abroad. This an opportunity to give impetus the evangelising mission of the Church. 

Want to know more? Please RSVP your attendance at the information day to or call 02 9518 9551

Source: Facebook Page Archbishop Mark Coleridge