Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Go Go Nuncio!!

Renew youth ministry: Nuncio

Published: November 26, 2008

Apostolic Nuncio Archbishop Giuseppe Lazzarotto has called on Australian Catholics to keep alive the spirit of World Youth Day through creative initiatives to foster and renew pastoral youth ministry.

Addressing the opening session of the ACBC's Plenary Meeting, the Apostolic Nuncio, Archbishop Lazzarotto recalled the grace filled experience of World Youth Day in Sydney last July, a nunciature media statement says.

He took the opportunity to renew Pope Benedict's gratitude to the bishops and his appreciation for the outstanding commitment with which the entire event was prepared and carried out.

In particular, referring to the opening celebrations in the various local communities in Australia, Archbishop Lazzarotto said he was most appreciative of the warm and generous welcoming offered to the young pilgrims who came from overseas and who were so well assisted in experiencing the deepest meaning of the entire event.

It is now of the utmost importance, highighted the Apostolic Nuncio, that the spirit of WYD is kept alive through appropriate and creative initiatives aimed at fostering and renewing pastoral youth ministry

Apostolic Nuncio recalls "grace-filled experience of WYD" in Sydney (Media Release, Nunciature, 26/11/08)


World Youth Day 2008

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  1. I fully endorse the Nuncio's call for "creative initiatives aimed at fostering and renewing pastoral youth ministry. "

    Let's challenge the culture of masculinity in the Church by promoting a married and inclusive priesthood that welcomes women.

    Let's challenge the culture of consumerism in the Church by only having Fair Trade products available at parish and school functions.

    Let's promote opportunities for bold service in the cause of justice peace and ecology and less "feel good cause I am catholic" events.

    Let's see what happens when young people are given the power to proclaim the Gospel with its raw energy and life changing call.

    Let's empty the bar fridges of our presbyteries and episcopal mansions as an act of commitment to a drug and alcohol free community. Have a garage sale of the grog and invest the takings in setting up refuges for homeless young people. If you need a drink, have one at the pub where you can meet young adults in need of good news.

    Let's see bishops priests and religious use more public transport so they can meet young people on their own turf.

    Let's stop talking at young people and engage in real dialogue and conversation with the joys and hopes,grief and anguish of this new generation.

    Let's see more clergy join Facebook, Myspace and social networking sites. I have two priests and a bishop on my Facebook list!!

    Let's shake off the fear and prejudice about young people and trust the Spirit who moves in your hearts.

    Let's welcome young gay and lesbian people with the embrace of Christ.