Corpus Christi Declaration 2021

In these days of #COVID19 let us  honour the presence of Jesus in this land which always, always will be Aboriginal land.

In these days of #COVID19 let us  honour the presence of Jesus on streets where people have marched in protest for refugee rights, for worker’s rights, for women’s rights and for peace and justice.

In these days of #COVID19 let our songs echo the traditional laments of those who mourn black deaths in custody and add our voice to the chorus that #BlackLivesMatter

In these days of #COVID19 let us honour the presence of Jesus on footpaths and in shopfronts where homeless people sleep rough seeking shelter and comfort.

In these days of #COVID19  let us remember our religious duty to feed the poor, to set the prisoners free, to care for the widows and orphans, to protect this planet, our common home, to welcome the stranger, to proclaim the social upheaval of the Magnificat of Mary.

In these days of #COVID19 I will celebrate this Catholic feast as a gay man where the sanctuary of my home is decorated  with a rainbow flag If we were able to process I would add my colours to the banners of parish and ethnic communities. I would wear the flair of the rainbow alongside the brocade and lace of religious vestments. I would process in these streets with my Catholic community as I have processed so often on previous demonstrations of my core beliefs with those seeking justice, human rights and liberation.