Monday, September 07, 2020

Sermon on 'Season of Creation 2020:

Archbishop Peter Loy Chong's - Twenty-third Sunday in Ordinary Time Sermon on 'Season of Creation 2020: Jubilee for the Earth with new rhythms, new hope'
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Saturday, September 05, 2020

Wear It Purple Day 2015

Wear It Purple Day 2020

When I was young I liked purple. However my parents and community didn't think it was an appropriate colour so I was not allowed to wear it.

I loved Lent and Advent because the Church was decorated in purple and the priests wore purple vestments. But no-one told me that purple was a colour for celebration. 

So now I wear purple in solidarity with young people who respect diversity and sexuality. I wear purple as an older man to make up for the years I missed out on this experience as a young man.
#WearItPurple ‪#‎ColourYourPerception‬

Australian Catholics For Equality Facebook Page

Over the last few years I have been a member of  the  advisory board of Australian Catholics for Equality.

This  role provides guidance to the Council of Moderators on issues affecting LGBTIQ Catholic persons, their family, friends and allies. The Advisory Board provides practical and strategic advice to support the total work of the organising community, improving the lives of LGBTIQ Catholics, their families, friends and allies to promote a just and inclusive church and society.

I look forward to the challenge and the opportunities of this new and exciting project.

Tony Robertson, Advisory Board Member
Tony is a Brisbane based social worker, who also uses his skills as a photographer to promote social change and equity in the community. He spent six years with the Capuchin Friars as a young adult and has been involved in various public ministries of the Church as a speaker, educator and retreat leader. Tony is an occasional commentator on LGBTI issues for the ABC and has extensive media experience writing press releases and responding to interview requests. He is currently the Spiritual Life facilitator for the L’Arche community in Brisbane. Tony is a member of the Brisbane LGBTIQ Action Group and supports Gar’ban’djee’lum Network an independent social network for Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander gay men, lesbians, bisexuals, transgender people, sistergirls and brotherboys (GLBTSB) in and around Brisbane.

Saturday, August 15, 2020

Dorothy Day In Melbourne 16 August 1970

 50 years ago today Dorothy Day spoke in #Melbourne. Thanks to Dally Messenger III for making the recording of this talk available here.

This was a valuable and significant moment in Australian Catholic Church history. In my own life it is one of those "lost" moments.

The Catholic boys school I was attending in 1970 told us nothing of Dorothy Day but made sure we went to a public talk by B.A. Santamaria. It would be almost a decade later before I heard any mention of the life and work of Dorothy who I now look at as a mentor for living my faith.

This anniversary is marked by the publication of a new work from Dr Val Noone, another inspiring writer and commentator on religious perspectives.

Val Noone, Dorothy Day in Australia, 132 pages, 40 images
Published by Mary Doyle & Val Noone, PO Box 51, Fitzroy, VIC 3065 Tel: 03 9419 8631. Email:

The first chapter outlines Dorothy Day’s background and the importance of the anarchist-pacifist Catholic Worker movement; and considers the views of a couple of critics. The second chapter surveys a series of prior Australian connections with Dorothy and the American movement, from the launching of their paper in 1933 up to the eve of her visit. Chapter Three sets down an account of Dorothy’s three weeks in Australia in August 1970 – two in New South Wales and one in Victoria. She came as the guest of two radical Australian priests, Roger Pryke, and John Heffey. Chapter Four sketches examples of Dorothy’s continuing influence in Australia. Her inspiring story offers food for thought about how to live a good life in this time of crisis for humankind

Monday, August 10, 2020

Prayer for Beirut

God of creation,

You create the Cedars of Lebanon and give them their majesty to withstand all tribulations for your own pleasure. You exalt them to represent eternity, strength, and endurance. Yet we have cut them down and destroyed them for our own personal pleasures. As we remember the Cedars of Lebanon, we also remember the people of Lebanon in their diversity of cultures and faith.

God of explosions and pollution,

Out of the depths we call to you; in the face of incomprehensible anguish and sorrow, we lift the cries of our distress and implore you to show mercy upon those who are suffering from the destruction of the explosion in Beirut and the ensuing chemical pollution. Give protection and wisdom to emergency service personnel, doctors, nurses, hospitals, and all those who assist in alleviating the pain and suffering of those affected. Encourage our generosity to those who suffer loss. In your mercy restore your creation and heal our land.
We pray for those who have been injured in body, mind or spirit and ask you to heal them;
Grant us all firm resolve to stand with our neighbours who are in need, to love them and to offer our generous support of them in this their time of trouble.

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Sunday, August 09, 2020

2020 Australian Catholic LGBTIQA+ Pastoral Care Symposium Media Reoort


Symposium calls for wider LGBTQIA+ recognition by Church bodies and plenary council inclusion

Representation: Tony Robertson speaking to Josephite Sister Susan Connelly at the symposium.

LGBTQIA+ Catholics attending a symposium in Sydney have called for greater acknowledgement by Church bodies and ministers and inclusion in 2020 Plenary Council preparations.

“There is still a great silence around LGBTIQA+ people in our Church and those who have walked away,” Queensland delegate Tony Robertson said.

“Acceptance is more than simple tolerance.

“It is about welcoming, engaging, acknowledging and having a recognition of our presence in the pews, the schools, the pastoral works and ministries.”

Mr Robertson said he was heartened when Parramatta Bishop Vincent Long joined the symposium’s closing session.

A final symposium statement reads: The 2020 National Catholic Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Transgender, Queer/Questioning, Intersex and Asexual (LGBTQIA+) Pastoral Care Symposium offers a voice of hope for a better church that reflects the deliberations of the delegates that honour the dignity, wholeness and holiness of LGBTQIA+ Catholics.

“We have been inspired and energised to work in our Church in Australia so that our Churches and agencies may become safe and spiritually nurturing places for all God’s children, in particular those who identify as LGBTQIA+ who have suffered violence, discrimination, criminalisation, hate, prejudice and abuse in our church and society.”

The symposium called for removal of language from the Catechism of the Catholic Church “that causes emotional, social, physical and spiritual trauma detrimental to LGBTQIA+ people’s dignity and wellbeing”. 

“We refer specifically but not limited to, the terms ‘intrinsically disordered’ (CCC 2357) and ‘objectively disordered’ (CCC 2358),” a final symposium statement said. 

The symposium statement draws on scripture and Pope Francis’ reminder that “the goodness of God has no limits and discriminates against no one”.

“Because of this, the banquet of the Lord’s gifts is universal, for everyone” (Sunday Angelus Address, October 12, 2014) and that we as Church must go out to the ‘existential peripheries’ where pain, suffering, healing alongside great faith and new ways of flourishing are being found,” the statement reads.

“We call for the dignity and status of all baptised Catholics, especially LGBTQIA+ Catholics, to be recognised and celebrated, so that LGBTQIA+ Catholics can stay steadfast in commitment to the Gospel and the church we love.” 

Mr Robertson said he planned to pass on the statement to the president of the Australian Catholic Bishops Conference, Brisbane Archbishop Mark Coleridge.

Written by: Mark Bowling

Mass of Creation, Brisbane 4th October 2020

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