Friday, January 03, 2020

Tenth Day of Christmas The Calendar Transition

We all have rituals around the celebration of New Year.
In our highly urbanised cosmopolitan community some gather in large crowds to watch bright lights in the night sky for a brief period of time.This ritual is not inclusive of animals.
I often wonder if the same people ever stop to marvel at the night lights and formation of the galaxy around us, but that is another post.
I have a ritual which is performed on the 1st January each year: the transition of the calendars.
Despite the advances in electronic communication and information at our finger tips, I still love to gaze at calendars.
It seems the market for calendars has not diminished as stalls of themed calendars are now standard at shopping centres. The promotion of the mid year calendar means that these stalls have business all year round.
Calendars have always been a staple gift that you can hardly return because “it doesn’t work anymore” .
I began to keep old calendars about 15 years ago so I can re-cycle those with the same date pattern. My collection is now at a stage where I can  accommodate almost any arrangement of dates from previous years.However 2020 proved a bit of a challenge being a leap year beginning 0n Wednesday  1st January. By thrifty arrangement my 1992 calendars  from Papua New Guinea were the only ones in my collection that matched for this year!!! 
One calendar is never enough in a household. I like to have one in the living area, one in my study and of course the “rest room” deserves one for those pondering moments. Thanks to my local Federal Member,Terri Butler  for adding to the fridge decor and my other 202 Community Calendar from the  Jewish Community for the year 5780
May your new year of 2020 be filled with wild adventure, passionate living and commitment to building a just and fair society.

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