Monday, December 28, 2020

Sixth Day of Christmas: Imagine the Nativity

This year the Vatican have managed to stir the possum with their Nativity Crib. A media frenzy of headlines include:


Check the Getty Album of images here You can join the conversation or simply marvel at global responses here, or join the Twittery chat here. This item is big news and as we go to press the world's Catholics are sitting on the edge of their pews, (well those that still sit in pews) to see if Papa Francis will make his traditional New Year Eve visit to the Vatican manger!!

You can have a good read about the history and related culture surrounding the Nativity scene thanks to  Wikiwand  

 As with Shakespeare the Nativity scene has been interpreted, played out and set to music in a rich diversity that often has little reference to the original text. So here for your "Wow, Father never told us this" moments are some other insights into imagining the Nativity

 The Virgin Mary Giving Birth, 'THE CREATION OF MAN' Birth Undisturbed Episode 4


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