Friday, July 06, 2018

Praying the Rosary Aboriginal Way



The Jubilee theme of Recognition challenges all of us.
Since its beginnings in 1988, the members of the Aboriginal Catholic Ministry in Melbourne (ACMM) have sought to express their Catholic/Christian faith in culturally relevant ways. In the light of John Paul II's words in Alice Springs: 'Go to God through your own culture', and in an endeavor to bring the two ways Aboriginal way and Christianity together, this has been, in the life of the ACMM community, an ongoing process of reclaiming and discovery.
Praying the Rosary Aboriginal way has resulted in a reflective process of painting and story telling which links the Gospel stories upon which this traditional form of prayer is based, with the historical and contemporary experience of urban Aboriginal people. It is an expression of one aspect of what we call 'city dreaming'.
Along with the paintings and the reflections in this brochure we have included the five step process we use when, as a community, we gather to relive and retell these stories.
In the spirit of Jubilee and on the occasion of our tenth birthday, the members of the ACMM invite you, the wider Catholic community, to become part of our story and struggle, by participating in this process.
Vicki Walker
ACMM Coordinator

The #OzRosary53 Campaign is part of a global prayer movement to pray the rosary on the 13th day of each month. In 2018 this day will fall during NAIDOC  Week. This offers a wonderful opportunity to introduce Praying the Rosary Aboriginal Way to churches and communities across the nation.

I have designed a model of a city rosary pilgrimage based in Brisbane that could be adopted for other public prayer gatherings.

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