Tuesday, January 02, 2018

Memorial Service Following Royal Commission

In response to a request for a Memorial Service from a survivor of sexual abuse by a Church Worker the Anglican Church SQ engaged in a process of consultation with survivor support groups and agencies. These encouraged us to pursue the idea, with a number of agency and group representatives indicating that it could be a very significant offering to survivors of abuse, and to the families and friends of those who died by suicide.

The initial conversations also strongly and wisely advised that the event should be held after the Royal Commission had finished its public hearings to avoid any suggestion that the Church was simply trying to limit damage to its reputation during the hearing process. We heeded this advice and sought to leave time between the end of the hearings and the scheduling of this liturgy.

Originally a November 2017 date was agreed upon and advertised. Representations from survivor groups after this decision was made encouraged us to change the date to one that occurs well after the Royal Commission has reported. We are grateful for that wise counsel.

The Memorial Service will be held in
St John’s Cathedral, Brisbane on Thursday 8th March 2018 at 7.00pm.

For more information please contact the Dean, Peter Catt, by email or by phone on 07 3835 2239.

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