Monday, October 03, 2016

Interfaith Welcome to Refugees

The Welcome Fest 2016 in Brisbane brought togther community organisations, cultural groups, Governemnt services, food stalls and a presence from the Queensland Forum of Christians, Jews and Muslims.

The Forum is a collaboration between the Queensland Jewish Board of Deputies, Queensland Churches Together and The Islamic Council of Queensland.

Meeting a few the official representatives of the forum and supporters was one of the highlights of my day The work of the Forum was also acknowledged by Senator Claire Moore who stopped by the stall for a photo with the team.

However the image of the stall that I will treasure happened  while I was setting up for another picture with supporters. As I aimed my lens a group of young boys "photobombed" my shoot with energy, pazzaz and that cheeky initaive that only younge people can bring to community.

I love this image. The people who staffed and visited the stall were like me part of the "Ageing Society" identified by the Australian Cathoic Bishps in this year's Social Justie Statement  These young men who stand in front of the banner prmooting dialogue and understanding may not have realised or even cared what the stall stood for. However, a couple have aready tagged themselves and  we have planted a seed  for the future as we welcome the diversity of religious faith and commitment. 

A Picture is worth  a thousand words and this image will nuture hope for the future.

More About The Forum

In the Queensland Forum for Jews, Christians and Muslims ("The Forum") representatives of QCT meet with representatives of the Jewish Board of Deputies and the Islamic Council of Queensland. This forum was set up approximately six years ago, while a Jewish-Christian dialogue had been taking place for longer.

Taking inspiration from the Australian National Dialogue of Christians, Muslims, and Jews, the Forum has given itself a set of purposes and objectives which clearly position it as a bridge-building and peace-making body of the Abrahamic Faiths in Queensland.

One project of the Forum was to compile three short brochures, "On Entering a Church" ,"On Entering a Synagogue" , "On Entering a Mosque" . These contain explanations of religious practices in places of prayer/worship in the three traditions. They describe in a simple manner what a visitor should do in order to feel comfortable and not to offend.
Each month members of the Forum - there are up to five from each faith - meet to discuss topics of interest and joint activities. During the meal that follows, to which all contribute, conversation is often light-hearted.
A first Abrahamic Faiths Concert was held on 15 November, 2007.  It was such a success that it has now become an annual event - held in 200820092011201220132014and 2015.
Click here to download the Forum for Jews, Christians and Muslims 2016 AGM report.
Click here to download the Forum's brochure.
Click here to download the Forum for Jews, Christians and Muslims 2015 Report to the QCT Assembly.

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