Saturday, March 03, 2018

The Web of the Cross

Jesus of the People Janet McKenzie
This online meditation was launched in 2000, the Year of Great Jubilee. I have published it  each year since  with updates to the links and reflections  as some material goes offline and new resources become available.

The Stations in this collection  are those used in the Melbourne Way of the Cross, an ecumenical devotion which began on Good Friday  2000 and  has continued each year as pilgrims process to Churches around the city.

The image, Jesus of the People by Janet McKenzie is kindly allowed for use by the artist. Janet's Stations of the Cross set has been published in a work featuring writings by Joan Chittister. 

How to Pray Online

Set aside a regular time for this prayer, perhaps when you ‘boot up” each day or as a way of closing your day’s work.Take your time to let the image music or text find a home in your heart.

I suggest you spread the” Stations” over several days or the whole season of Lent.The box indicating the number of each station is linked to the Scripture reference. The title of each station takes you to a  web site with a pastoral response.for your prayer and consideration.The music on this site reflects some of my own journey across various traditions that I hope you find inspiring and challenging.

Station 1     
The Last Supper              

Music: Eve of the Last Supper - Coptic Orthodox song

Anna Meszaros way of the cross

Station 2 
The Garden of Gethsemane  
Music: Lead Kindly Light

Station 3 
Jesus before the Sanhedrin 
Music: Be Not Afraid

Station 4 
Jesus before Pilate 
Music : Taize: Stay With Me

Station 5 
Jesus is whipped and crowned with thorns 
Music: On Eagles Wings

Station 6
Jesus carries his cross 
Music: If You Want Your Dream To Be

Station 7
Jesus is helped by the Cyrenean 
Music: Amazing Grace

Station 8
Jesus meets the women of Jerusalem 
Music: We Are

Station 9
Jesus is  crucified. 
Anna Meszaros way of the cross

Music:PETROS GAITANOS – Idou O Nymfios

Station 10
Jesus and the Good Thief 
Music: Christ be Our Light

Station 11
Jesus speaks to Mary and John
Music: Stabat Mater

Station 12
Jesus Dies
Music: Behold Behold the Wood of the Cross

Station 13
Jesus is Buried 
Music: On The Turning Away

Station 14
Jesus rises from the dead 
Music: A Russian Resurrection
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