Taking Pride to Corpus Christi

You can pick a real Catholic because they know how to spell Corpus Christi and even know what it means. Exception made for the Texans who live in the city of Corpus Christi.

In Catholic tradition the feast of Corpus Christi has pretty good cred. It's been around long enough to have gathered all sorts of customs and public displays that range from the pious to the flamboyant.

In Brisbane the annual Corpus Christi Procession has evolved  from laps around the  oval at Nudgee to a full-on street parade in the heart of the city.  This year it included a GoFundMe appeal to cover the costs that raised only $170 of the $10,000 target. Perhaps the Archdiocese should have hired Israel Foloa as their fundraiser!!!

Having followed recent processions as a photographer, I decided to join he Corpus Christi procession with my Rainbow Flag cape representing my LGBTIQA+ community of faith in a more public statement. This  decision was prompted by a workshop I attended in May at the Catholic Missions 2019 conference. One of the workshop options offered was: Valuing LGBTIQA+ People, How Can We Include All? The workshop provided a safe space for people to reflect on the issues and experience of exclusion and homophobia in the Church.

My colours blended in well with the bright umbrellas of the Syro-Malabar community but proved a strong contrast to the mostly staid  officials providing escort for the procession.

There were a few wonderful moments and encounters. At one stage I was standing by taking pics when a young man asked:"Are you a Catholic?" when I confirmed  my identity he smiled and said" Well done". Towards the end I was taking some pics of people kneeling n the steps of the Cathedral during Benediction.As I stood up to move to another position a lady leaving saw me with my cape and said" You can go in God loves everybody"!!

My Rainbow Flag didn't get a mention in the official report of the procession in the Catholic Leader but I am happy to think I was a little wave of pride in the "sea of  Catholics"!!

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