Monday, November 05, 2018

Bishop Peter J Elliott DD MA STD

One of the fun aspects of doing public photography is you get to have selfies with politicians, musicians and other celebs who look into your lens.
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This pic from 2010 was taken in Santa Teresa Spirituality Centre Northern Territory. The colourful celeb on the centre is the recently retired Auxiliary Bishop of Melbourne, Peter Elliott. It is no accident that I am found far to his left!!!  Bishop Elliott was visiting the Ltyentye Apurte Community in his role as a member of thAustralian Catholic Disability Council.

This is one of my treasured community pics with the locals including a photobomb from one of the dogs. it speaks volumes about Catholic diversity, culture and the challenge of political and economic isolation.

But back to the celebrity Bishop, Peter Elliott. In November 2018 Pope Francis accepted the resignation of Bishop Peter Elliott when he ticked over the expiry age of 75. The theme of his episcopate was an exhortation from Mother Teresa to be a "happy bishop" There was no reference to Pope Francis exhortation  "be shepherds, with the “odour of the sheep"

The most telling story of Bishop Elliott's  pastoral preferences is found on a google image search under his name.  Among the collection is a the Archibald Prize entry of Bishop Elliott by Yi Wang. The painting made it into the finalists selection, being the first time for any Aussie Catholic Bishop and his pussy.

Happy retirement Bishop Elliott!!!!!

The Happy Bishop

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