Sunday, October 21, 2018

Brisbane Cathedral Shrine to Victims and Survivors of Abuse

The chapel in the Narthex of the Cathedral of St Stephen have had several "renos" since the original design in the 1989 major overhaul.  The North Chapel was originally created as a Shrine, "The Human Search for God"  featuring a commissioned series by  Aboriginal artist Fiona Foley. A concerted campaign  of misinformation and religious racism wore down Archbishop John Bathesby who eventually had the art works and signage removed.

The Chapel was then re-designed as a Chapel of Unity with copies of ecumenical documents between the Catholic Archdiocese and other Christian Faith communities. The centre piece which remains is the Jerusalem Stone

The most recent changes to the chapel include the installation of two marble pieces which were features of the Cathedral prior to the 1989 renovation.  These features and description of other elements of the shrine are available in my images file.

Mass for the Dedication of New Shrine 21 October 2018

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