Sunday, February 04, 2018

Cardinal Promotes Blessings of Same Sex Couples

You have to love a Church where one of its leading lights carries the name Marx into the aisles of power. Reinhard Cardinal Marx is a power broker of the German Catholic Church. His Wikipedia entry includes a paragraph on his public statements supporting  a new pastoral approach to homosexuals.

And now just over a week out from Valentines Day the Cardinal has splashed across the front pages declaring that in his view  Catholic priests can conduct blessing ceremonies for  same sex couples.

The predictable "chicken little" pews have gone into overdrive. Check the comments here and this op ed here.The Catholic blogsphere has also taken the Cardinal to task on this issue. Vox Cantoris  has its guns blazing so much it even questions the Cardinal's sexuality. Christian Forums is anything but!!

Hey, Catholics are big on blessings. We bless everything from houses to cars, sports equipment to wedding rings, medals, scapulars, water, palm branches, people in the pews the sick, the elderly, school buildings; in fact you name it we bless it. So, why have same sex friendship and relationships been left on the outer? Thanks to Cardinal Marx for stating the obvious. Which Aussie Bishop will be first to endorse this call? 

Back in 2012 Papa Francis made waves with his blessing of Harley Davidson bikes. 
Recent reports from Rome include a Papal  blessing for 1400 Harley Davidson bikes and their riders. The blessing was offered to the company as part of its 110th anniversary of foundation. You can also view  The Pope Gets 2 Harley-Davidson photo gallery.

Is it any wonder the Church has a credibility problem. It's OK to bless bikes but not OK to bless the love and commitment of same sex couples.

Does this mean that Brisbane's famous "Dykes on Bikes" may have  roared into this event with the same confidence they show when they lead off Brisbane's Pride March?

Is the Vatican aware that a simple Google search shows that Gay Bikers could have been part of the crowd when Pope Francis imparted his blessing? Did they have a sexuality check at the front gate?

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