Friday, February 03, 2017

How To Dress Like A Biblical Scholar

John Dominic Crossan sits alongside other biblical scholars on my shelf of reference texts. Crossan is not usually quoted in your average parish homily and even less quoted in Vatican Documents. The Google search engine will provide links to plenty of background reading and good source material If you are looking for a more entertaining way of cyberchilling try searching John Dominic Crossan heretic.You will find a good selection of his engaging presentations on Youtube: 

A few quotable quotes to whet your appetite: 

"I cannot imagine a more miraculous life than nonviolent resistance to violence," Crossan says. "I cannot imagine a bigger miracle than a man standing in front of a tank in Tiananmen Square."

"There's good news and bad news from the historical Jesus. The good news: God says Caesar sucks. The bad news: God says Caesar is us."
"Crucifixion meant that imperial power had won," Crossan says. "Resurrection meant that divine justice had won. God is on the side of the crucified one. Rome's' values are a dead issue to me."
"Christianity both admits and subverts the historical Jesus," Crossan says.
"A lot of people in the first century thought Jesus was saying something so important that they were willing to die for it. If people finish with my books and now see why Pilate executed him and why people died for him, then I've done my job."

John Dominic Crossan's 'blasphemous' portrait of Jesus

In the current political climate of a new POTUS  we need theologians like Crossan to remind us of the  counter culture values of Christianity. 

Crossan also challenges  the neglected field of the dress code of Biblical Scholars. Given the recent directive about #dresslikewomen from the office of POTUS, I am impressed that our senior Biblical mentors  is comfortable stepping out from hiust as 
This is the most recent public image of JDC showing a hermeneutic of continuity where biblical scholarship can be comfortable in a doctoral hat as well as a pair of speedos.

The challenge now is to build an album of scholars in their swim wear.!!!

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