Saturday, October 22, 2016

Archbishop Chaput Believes Small is Holier

Archbishop Chaput welcomes 'smaller church' of holier Catholics

In a stark prognosis for contemporary Catholicism, a leader of the conservative wing of the U.S. hierarchy has said that "a smaller, lighter church" of fewer but holier believers is preferable to one that promotes inclusion at the expense of traditional orthodoxy.
In a speech delivered Wednesday at the University of Notre Dame, Philadelphia Archbishop Charles Chaput also suggested that many prominent Catholics are so weak in their faith that they ought to leave the church. (Read full text here)

This is the man responsible for the unholy treatment of Bishop Bill Morris of Toowoomba. Will any of the Australian Catholic Bishops challenge this myopic vision of Catholicism? 
I disagree with most of the public statements of Archbishop Chaput but I would never suggest he leave our community. What a bloody disgusting pompous statement about our diversity and wealth of experience!!
Being Catholic is not comfortable nor easy. It is a community founded on the words and deeds of Jesus. it's founding heroes were the early martyrs who made a sacrament of civil disobedience. It promotes princplles of non-violence and non compliance with the empire. It stands against the values of neo-liberalims embraced by mainstream political parties.It calls us into social action on behalf of justice as well as a deep spiriituality which is close to the practice of #Dadirri
Archbishop Chaput does not speak for me or the Cathoics who inspire my faith and politics.

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