Thursday, February 11, 2016

Archbishop Hart Fails Again!

Cathy McGowan's Catholic Church oration cancelled over same sex marriage stance

Pathetic and damned poo faced of Archbishop Hart who like his predecessor seems to have heart problems. 

Has Archbishop Hart also expressed his anxiety about politicians in Cathy McGowan's position who support our Asylum Seeker policies of detention and cruelty?

Does Archbishop Hart has issues with politicians who do not support Catholic Social teachings as very important topics? 

Sheer episcopal hypocrisy in this act. 

How many  priests with views and lifestyles contrary to official Church teaching have been allowed to preach every Sunday without Hart raising concerns about their stand on other "very important topics"? 

Will Hart vet every invited speaker at Catholic events for their stand on marriage equality and overlook their voting patterns on issues like welfare support, refugees, climate and human rights ? . 

Hope the delegates at the conference move a motion condemning this lack of subsidiarity by Hart.

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