Friday, January 22, 2016

Images That Open Your Eyes: The Sacristan

The "temple police" have been quiet of late. St Mary's South Brisbane has been reclaimed by the orthodox and the new Roman Missal has kept most priests busy getting their tongues around consubstantial  language.

However, they may now have a new campaign to pursue. A video clip has been doing the rounds of Facebook with a bevvy of dancing priests. It could be an audition practice for one of the popular national talent shows that are all the rage.

The clergy boys are in full swing with chasubles, parishioners and a swinging nun in her habit all doing perfect routines to a catchy tune.

The real highlight of this clip is the little old lady in the background clearing the altar. Her expression is priceless. She just keeps on doing what generations of ladies have done, folding the cloths, cutting the flowers and hanging Father's gear in the cupboard.

Let's dedicate this clip to those forgotten and unspoken elders of our communities who never got a thank you clap after Mass and carried the secrets of the sacristy to their graves.

Watch the video here

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