Tuesday, January 12, 2016

A Magna of a Discussion About the Cappa

I like to look over the neighbour's fence and see what is happening. One of my favourite fences is the one that surrounds a website known as New Liturgical Movement.

It is a religious version of Tumblr featuring men in vestments.If you want a "warm up" for this article you could check the Tumblr pics of Cappa Magna. (Our friend George does not get a guernsey)

The article that caught my eye in NLM appeared on Monday: The Cappa Magna in the Light of Nature, Rationality, and Mystery

It's worth a read as an exercise in cultural imperialism for one thing.But the real thrill is the variety of opinions in the comments. There are some classic observations  including a debate as to  whether Diana's wedding train is longer than the magna in Cardinal Burke's Cappa!!

If you love history, fashion and want to understand what turns some men on in the sacristy/vestry this is the article to read.

Keep a good wine handy

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