Friday, August 21, 2015

Sr Veronica Brady 1929-2015 RIP

My life and work in photography has taken me to extraordinary places and put me in contact with inspiring people.

In October 2006 I had the opportunity to take a few shots of Sr Veronica Brady when she was the guest speaker for the Micah Projects Inc Annual General Meeting.See the set here.
In Kath Gordon's biography she is described as the Larrikin Angel. In this image I have captured her with another Catholic larrikin, Peter Kennedy.  Go Petr's right is Karyn Walsh CEO of Micah Projects Inc.
The news of her death in August 2015 has been marked by tributes and acknowledgements from the literary and religious community.

Among my treasures is a copy of her book Caught In The Draught which I will carry around and read again as a reminder of the contribution of this small nun who walked tall on our cultural landscape.
In her own words:
Indeed one of the things I have always loved in Catholicism is its comprehensiveness, the way in which people of all cultures, classes and psychological and moral shapes and sizes can all belong together and get on with one another. But that is also why I am troubled by the growing intolerance as Church authorities attempt to fit us all into one mould made in Rome which takes little account of local or cultural differences and the tendency to condemn any attempt to rethink our faith in terms of contemporary thought and experience. But who possibly can have the last word on God's ways with and in this world?
Examples abound, in the ‘war on terror’, American policy in the Middle East and so
on. But I would like to look at an example closer to home, the relations between Aboriginal and non-Aboriginal Australians. Essentially there is a clash here of notions of ‘truth’, of conflicting notions of reality and value. But of the two it seems to me that ours is the more intransigent and determined that our ‘truth’, our way of living in the world, must prevail.
Roy Williams Review of Larrikin Angel

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