Tuesday, May 19, 2015

The Cost of Clergy and Religious Abuse in The Catholic Church

As a person who has worked with survivors of clergy abuse and their families I too believe it takes a monumental "leap of faith" to tick the Catholic box in the census form.

Just reading the anger and pain in comments on social media from those who have been on the receiving end of  processes that have failed to point towards healing is enough to understand why the Church is losing its integrity in the community.

This week's headline in The Age: "Church to block victims' court bids despite promise to abandon practice by Pell" can only leave the Church open to ridicule and empty pews.

 In a year dedicated to the value of the Consecrated Life there are too many bodies carrying the scars of abuse and neglect by members of religious orders for this initiative to inspire  those who are not in the habit of taking vows.

If the Church really wants to look this issue in the eye I suggest it abandons its financial investment in the coming World Youth Days and invests the funds in a compensation package for survivors. If it included the investment made for WYD2008 in Sydney I'm sure there would be a reasonable  bank account, even if it needed to sell a few assets.

Thanks Frank Brennan for stating it as it is. You and fellow clergy who speak out such as Fr Kevin Dillon in Gelong will never reach the ranks of the hierarchy. Your mission is to disturb their comfort zones and  rattle their mitres.
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