Saturday, June 27, 2015

Australian Catholic Bishops Make A Mess

I was interested to hear of  the financial investment and distribution of the Australian. Catholic Bishops statement, Don't. Mess With Marriage throughout parishes, schools and agencies

 Read full text of Media Release here

I believe it is based on an ancient  statement now out of print, Don't. Mess With. Children

No doubt schools and parishes will be looking forward to the rest of the series.  Don't. Mess With Refugees and Don't. Mess With Indigenous People. I understand that the proposed booklet Don't Mess With The Climate has been shelved following the release of #laudatosi

In the light of the evidence in the Royal Commission I doubt that this pastoral letter will grab the imagination of the 'sensus fidelium" or have any credible impact on the discussion. I have written elsewhere of the credibility problems that plague the Bishops.

The lessons from Ireland are pretty plain and the Vatican response shows that there is a clerical blind spot that I suggest is not the work of the Spirit.

And in the latest news the American Supreme Court has voted to allow same sex couples to marry.

Justice Anthony Kennedy jUne 2015

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