Friday, February 13, 2015

Queensland Survey on Relationship with God Challenges Interfaith Relations

Here is a promo for a new survey about our relationship to God from 612 ABC in Qld:
Whether you’re a regular Sunday church goer, a Christmas and Easter only visitor or never darken a church door type of person, a Queensland psychology student is seeking help to investigate what makes people feel they have a personal relationship with god.
Chantelle Warren, from Queensland University of Technology’s School of Psychology and Counselling, would like people who describe themselves as religious or spiritual and those who have no religion or are atheists to answer an online survey about their “attachment style” and their degree of religious practice.
You can participate in the survey by clicking here.
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I notice that despite Chantelle's comment about wanting  to take the research beyond a Christian perspective the image and language promoting this survey come from a dominant Christian world view. See the facebook  612 ABC page here
We have to be much more adventurous if we are going to engage beyond our traditional Western cultural paradigm in  this survey.
There is quite a challenge ahead when you do a Google image search for God I had to think a bit in choosing the image for this post. Which pic of God do I choose? I think the nameplate is a pretty safe inclusive choice. What do you think?
I will do the survey and post an update here and invite you to join the conversation
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