Tuesday, December 30, 2014

The Sixth Day of Christmas

To celebrate the sixth day of Christmas I have chosen the carol of the Little Drummer Boy.In recent weeks my news feed has featured the haunting rendition by Pentatonix which is one of the best contemporary renditions available.
However the version I share with you today is one that speaks of my own life. My father was a big fan of Bing Crosby and the era he represented. I was very much a child of the Bowie era and the differences are beautifully expressed in this amazing clip of the two greats singing the Little Drummer Boy.
My father and I both loved music and each Christmas the old Crosby vinyl would come out be played throughout the season.I don't know that Dad ever listened to Bowie as he wasn't part of the amazing collection of records lovingly collected over a lifetime.
We were far apart for our last Christmas in 1991.. I was in Papua New Guinea and he was in Geelong. The following November our music stopped and we played Bing's Irish Lullaby as his funeral was celebrated. Bing's "Merry Christmas" album remains a treasured memory.

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