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G20: A Faith Response for Christians

Members of churches within the Queensland Churches Together family have compiled a resource with prayers and information to help Christians prepare for the G20 Leaders Summit in Brisbane on November 15 and 16.

G20 prayer and info resource

Christians will be asked to consider fasting from food or something else important to them and praying for the needs of marginalised people and the earth from the morning of Saturday 15 November to the afternoon of Sunday 16 November. 

 A prayer service to mark the conclusion of this period of fasting will take place on Sunday 16 November at 4 p.m. at St Francis College Chapel, 233 Milton Road, Milton (enter via Baroona Road).

G20 prayer and info resource

  • What’s it all about?
  • What should we do? 
  • What are the churches saying?
  •  Text of an open letter from religious leaders urging climate responsibility 
  • Minute on Climate Justice 
  • Prayers and Intercessions 
  • Intercessions from “Working for the Common Good”
  • (Catholic Peace and Justice Commission Qld) 
  • Useful Resources & Activities 
Fasting during the G20 Leaders Summit 

With the approval of many of the heads of churches in Queensland, Christians  representing a number of the member churches of Queensland Churches Together  encourage you to participate in a fast from food or something else really important to  you over the weekend of the G20 Leaders Summit in Brisbane.

We envisage this as an act of solidarity with those in Australia and around the world  whose needs and concerns will not be heard at the Leaders Summit Table.

During this time, we ask Christians to fast, pray, study scripture and take action to bring  the concerns of marginalised peoples to the attention of the Australian Government  and other G20 Governments.

The Leaders Summit will take place on Saturday 15 November and Sunday 16 
November. You are asked to have breakfast before 9 a.m., on the Saturday, begin your 
fast at that time and complete your fast at 4 p.m. on the Sunday.

We recommend you consult the health and safety guidelines prepared for World 
Vision’s 40 Hour Famine before deciding to participate. Please do not take part in a fast 
from food unless you are sure it is safe to do so in your circumstances. The guidelines 
will be found here. and you will also find useful information here.:

Scripture & Prayer 
During the fast, read and reflect on whatever scripture passages you wish. Some 
possibilities include:

Take time also to pray that God’s Kingdom will come and that God’s will is reflected in 
the decisions of the G20 leaders. You may wish to pray the Lord’s Prayer or Mary’s 
hymn of praise (Luke1: 46 - 55)

During your fast, be sure to write an e-mail or letter to the Prime Minister of Australia 
and to your MP and Senators.

Tell them that you are fasting in solidarity with marginalised people and urge them to 
take action to address the injustice they face.

Mention a specific concern of yours, e.g., children living with malnutrition and hunger, 
trafficked women, Indigenous peoples deprived of their land, people in Australia and 
other parts of the world losing their jobs because of economic restructuring or Torres 
Strait Islanders and Pacific Islanders losing their homes to rising seas.

You will find e-mail forms or addresses and postal addresses for the Prime Minister, 
your MP and Senators here

Public Prayer Gatherings 
Public gatherings for prayer will take place before the fast begins and at its end. All are 
welcome to join us to pray for justice globally.

As there will be delays on the roads and public transport on the weekend of the G20 
Leaders Summit, please ensure you allow extra time to get to these gatherings:

Friday 14 November
7 p.m.

Sunday 16 November
4 p.m.
Prepared by representatives of member churches of Qld Churches Together
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