Thursday, November 13, 2014

Faith leaders call out G20 leaders for failure to act on climate change

open letter to leaders of G20 in Brisbane
Wednesday, 12 November 2014 03:38
fossil fuels versus global poverty at G20
Faith leaders call out G20 leaders for failure to act on climate change
As religious leaders drawn from diverse religious traditions, we see the earth as sacred and it is our human responsibility to protect it. When the earth is respected and cared for, human life can flourish.
We acknowledge that the best science is clear that the burning of fossil fuels is driving global warming, thus threatening the long-term viability of life on earth. At the G20 Summit meetings, we therefore urge national leaders to put climate change on the agenda.
We call upon all national leaders, even those of developing countries, to commit to a rapid transition away from fossil fuels and towards renewable energy. It is entirely possible to create thriving economies that are also sustainable. To do otherwise will result in unthinkable suffering, first for our brothers and sisters already at high risk of climate-related disasters, then for our own children and grandchildren.
To this end, ceasing government subsidies for fossil fuel companies is desirable. Subsidies operate as a perverse incentive to destroy the biosphere, to deplete and pollute precious water sources, pollute the air and create significant health problems.
It is a further injustice that, while wealthy countries spend tens of billions annually on subsidies for fossil fuels, most are failing to contribute even the most basic amounts to meet the mitigation and adaption needs of the poor. We call on donor governments to commit substantial public money to Climate Finance, and to the technology transfers needed by developing countries to leapfrog to cleaner and more efficient technologies. 
We urge our national leaders, in their meetings, to place our economies at the service of human prosperity, equity, inclusiveness and environmental stewardship. The pursuit of economic growth will ultimately be self-defeating without due regard for the future of the earth itself.
 Dr Ibrahim Abu Mohammad, Grand Mufti of Australia
Sr Berneice Loch rsm OAM, President, Catholic Religious Australia
Rev. Professor Andrew Dutney, President, Uniting Church of Australia National Assembly
Professor Nihal Agar, Chairman, Hindu Council of Australia
Ajahn Brahm, representing Australian Sangha Association (Buddhist)
Mr Kim Hollow, President, Federation of Australian Buddhist Councils
Dr Beth Heyde, Chair, Public Affairs Commission, Anglican Church of Australia
Mr Hafez Kassem, President, Australian Federation of Islamic Councils/Muslims Australia
Jacqui Remond, Director, Catholic Earthcare Australia
Rabbi Shoshana Kaminsky, Chairperson, Rabbinic Council of Progressive Rabbis
Rt Rev’d Professor Stephen Pickard, Executive Director, Australian Centre for Christianity and Culture, Charles Sturt University (Anglican)
Professor Neil Ormerod, Professor of Theology, Australian Catholic University
Rabbi Jeffrey Kamins, Chair, Council of Masorti Rabbis of Australia 
Contact person: Thea Ormerod
+61 405 293 466

Another reminder to Tony #Abbott that Climate Change deserves #G20 attention and decisions.
Again it is the voice of religious leaders in our community who speak out for the cause of earth justice and common sense.

As a Catholic I am inspired that my religious leadership is represented by two women and a non clerical theologian. I wonder if  Catholic newspapers will carry this item with the same enthusiasm they have for the letter of Pope Francis to Tony Abbott 

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