Saturday, August 09, 2014

Jesus Joins Homeless Persons Week

Homeless Jesus

Today is the last day of Homeless Persons Week 2014

People will continue to be homeless. women and children will flee from domestic violence. Young people will feel abandoned as they deal with a new independence.People will be forced from their homes in Gaza and Mosul. Those with mental health issues and those struggling with addiction and substance abuse will be left on our streets.

We will continue to be challenged to provide a safe haven for vulnerable people in our neighbourhoods as well as those who come to our shores seeking asylum.

Today is Sunday when Christians gather to worship and pray. The image of the Homeless Jesus is a reminder that we are called to see our mentor in faith among those neglected by the political, economic and religious structures of our community.

Homelessness: we can't afford to ignore it

This year, Homeless Persons' Week will look at how ignoring homelessness causes significant costs to individuals, government and society.

Jesus the Forgiving Victim with James Alison
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