Tuesday, July 29, 2014

Images That Open Your Eyes: July 2014

My parents were never front pew Catholics. They usually sat in the middle except of course for the big family gigs such as weddings and funerals. This image probably best expresses my current relationship with the Church: the last pew, just inside.

The funny thing is that in many communities this is the power pew, occupied by the "keepers" who guide late comers, have custody of the collection plate and are ready for any untoward activity that cannot be contained by the clergy up the front.

Back pews are also the refuge of the aged and those with mobility issues who find the long distance events in Churches such as this a bit overwhelming. They can also provide quick and easy exits for those who need to leave before the second collection, a great Catholic custom.

This is the first time I have seen myself in the back pew. In good old Churches like St Brigid's Red Hill  it also means you are almost under the organ and choir so you get a bit more bass down your spine.

This is also my first "selfie" from behind, a view I rarely get to see. Captions for then image welcome
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