Sunday, October 27, 2013

Fair Trade Artisan's Market November 1-4 in Brisbane

COSSAG is one of my favourite religious acronyms providing a two syllable sound for the Cathedral of St Stephen Art Group. This extraordinary group have quietly been  building a professional reputation in Brisbane  as curators and exhibitors for  local and International artisans. 

As well as the exhibitions and public talks, the group have a strong commitment to Fair Trade ethics which gives a cutting edge to their work.

Please join COSSAG and Friends at the 
2013  HANDS OF THE WORLD Fair Trade Artisans' Market
1st-4th November 9am-5pm
The Francis Rush Centre 
277 Elizabeth Street Brisbane
This is a Free Event for members of the public

From Ecuador to Laos, from Kenya to Thailand, our global network offers easy opportunities for Brisbane people to admire the ingenuity and skills of women and men in hand making mediums like metalwork, textiles, woven jute, glass, recycled paper, ceramics, jewellery, even designer dresses. The astute and the compassionate will also buy, knowing that in health, education and housing, your even small contribution can mean much to our gifted hard working contacts. An evening preview at 6pm on Thursday 31 October is for the favoured who read this. (Note for Diary.)

Each day at noon, an interviewer with a roving mike in the hall will briefly discuss projects, designs, techniques, traditions, rituals and answer questions. Fair Trade tea and coffee and a snack will be available for sale. 

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