Friday, August 02, 2013

When Francis Went to Rio
Now I'm not the kind of person
With a passionate persuasion for dancin' 
Or roma-ancin'
But I give in to the rhythm 
And my feet follow the beatin' of my hear-eart

Now I'm not the type to let vibrations (Rio...)
Trigger my imagination easily (Rio...)
You know that's just not me

Rio does things to people. It has been the subject of carnivals,  movies, novels,  songs and now a papal visit.

On his way home from Rio, Pope Francis dropped another one of his great throw-a-way lines when he became the first Pope in modern history to use the word |"gay" in a way that affirmed and acknowledged sexuality in its diversity.Media reports and readers comments indicate that this pontiff is leaving Pandora's box wide open:
Mail Online
Catholic Herald
National Catholic Reporter
HuffPost Gay Voices

As to be expected the 'smells and bells" brigade have launched a clarification or just ignored and pretended nothing has been said of any consequence:
National Catholic Register
Vexilla Regis
CP Church and Ministry

One of the most informed and left field responses to this new approach of Pope Francis comes from Jonathon Jones in The Guardian. Jones suggest that the Pope now follows the example of the British Museum and acknowledge its patrimony of gay artists.

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