Wednesday, June 26, 2013

Dethroning The Prelates

This week's "Frank' quote from Rome continues a theme of pastoral ministry over clerical careers.Our local CathNews reported:

His Eminence Raymond Cardinal Burke
"A good prospective bishop will "love interior poverty as freedom for the Lord" and live that externally with a simple lifestyle, and he won't have the "mindset of a prince," the pope said  on Friday during a meeting with nuncios and apostolic delegates." Read the full text here

Although the CathNews service has been given a cosmetic makeover, it seems that the editors are not keen to promote discussion on the news items. However, our cousins at CathNews New Zealand have a forum which has kicked of with one lonely comment looking for companionship. You can also join some intelligent discussion on this item at the National Catholic Reporter.

UK blogger, Fr Ray Blake suggest that his readers send off suitable names of good pastors to help the local Nuncio with his fresh challenge.Fr Blake also drops a few names of   princely bishops  for those with limited historical overview.

Blogging in the US of A, Fr Allan J McDonald provides a pictorial commentary and has stirred a very left field discussion about military ranking.

UCAN India has not been able to stir any response from its readers. Over at Reuters a story on the empty Papal Chair at a Vatican Concert has attracted 92 comments with references to lifestyle and higher clergy. The same story features in the religious moshpit at Vexilla Regis.

Perhaps the Vatican needs to publish a "Dummies Guide For Bishops." A few tips could be included to help keep Bishops pastoral:

  • Abandon honorific titles of "My Lord" and "Your Grace"
  • Encourage the manufacturers of the Cappa Magna to cease this piece of extravagant episcopal day wear and devote their talents to producing affordable clothing for those living in poverty.
  • Encourage prelates to shop at Op Shops such as Vinnies and Lifeline for their day wear.
  • Adopt a simple style of Bishop's Chair in Cathedrals such as that in Parramatta and replace those that look like thrones.
  • Give your Archbishop  and Bishops a metcard to encourage them to use public transport as their preferred mode of travel
  • Suggest that all Bishops adopt the simple style of mitre favoured by Pope Francis and sell their jeweled mitres off for charitable purposes.
  • Follow the example of Cardinal Sean O'Malley and sell of Palaces and extravagant homes and move into simpler lodging in one of the empty presbyteries or monasteries.

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