Monday, June 03, 2013

Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Sunday July 7 2013

Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Sunday falls on the first Sunday in July and brings together Catholics to celebrate the gifts that Indigenous Catholics bring to the Church in Australia.Sadly it has become a forgotten feast for much of the Church in 2013.

This year's resources are our most extensive and consist of:
  • Liturgy Suggestions
  • A Message from Bishop Christopher Saunders
  • Youth Activities for both Primary and Secondary students
  • Small group reflections that encourage Catholics to come together and discuss the importance of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander input into the Catholic Church in Australia 
  • Methods of reflection
  • Clip Art
NATSICC asks that you keep Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islanders in your thoughts and prayers throughout the year as we continue to strive for constitutional recognition, a better alternative to the NT 'Intervention' and an answer to the terrible rate of suicide amongst our young people. We truly pray for 
Peace and mercy for all.

2013 Liturgy Resources (Download PDF)
A3 Poster (Download)
'Gospel of Hope' - Letter from Bishop Saunders (Download)
See a full collection of resources since 2003 here
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