Friday, May 03, 2013

Catholic Leader Poll on Social Media and Digital Technologies

The Catholic Leader was one of my first publishing forums. In 1966 I was in second form at St Joseph's College in Geelong where I had a class master who encouraged us to write and  send  our work to the youth pages of the Catholic Leader. Perhaps I should make a pilgrimage to their archives this year as part of my 60th Birthday Celebrations to find the pieces I submitted.

Pen and paper are now long lost memories as I sit at my keyboard reading the latest edition of what is now my home Archdiocesan publication. And as we approach World Communications Day on May 12 I am  pretty chaffed to see the CL is still publishing my material in an unacknowledged photo for the "Women of Peace"  news item.

In the lead up to WCD the Catholic Leader Facebook Page is inviting readers to share how they have experienced truth and faith through their use of  social media and digital technologies.It will be interesting to see the level of response to this initiative. The first comment was a simple link to the Papal twitter account. Let's hope we get some more creative and  interactive comments.

The Australian Catholic Bishops have also released an e-book and parish resources for the May 12 anniversary.

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