Thursday, April 18, 2013

Progressive Christians Welcome NZ Marriage Reforms

The president of A Progressive Christian Voice (Australia), The Very Rev’d Dr Peter Catt has welcomed the New Zealand Parliament's vote to allow same-sex marriage.
  • ‘World-wide the tide is changing on this issue’, Dr Catt said.

    ‘An increasing number of people in Australia have openly GLBTI people in their lives as members of their families, friends and work colleagues. More and more we are seeing the quality of the relationships that GLBTI people are forming and are coming to see them to be a good thing,’ he said.

    ‘NSW Premier, Barry O’Farrell’s, indication of support is a further welcome move. Fortunately this issue has well and truly risen above party politics.’

    ‘Opening marriage to allow committed same-sex couples to express their commitment is an important way of increasing social cohesion. To have one’s relationship legitimized by the society in which one lives is both encouraging and life-giving.’

    ‘I hope that GBLTI people in Australia will be encouraged and feel legitimized by this move by our near neighbours’.

    Dr Catt also released a APCVA discussion paper on GBLTI issues by Dr Stuart Edser calling on Churches ‘to re-visit their understanding of human sexuality in the light of modern scholarship informed by the sciences and Biblical Studies and theology’.

    ‘Churches and other faith communities will need to have careful conversations to determine where they stand as society moves forward on this issue. As happened with divorce, some will be able to embrace the changes while others will not. Our call is for the dialogues to begin and for deep listening to be part of that process’, Dr Catt said.

    Dr Stuart Edser is Principal Psychologist at Newcastle Psychology & Health.

    The Very Rev’d Dr Peter Catt
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    Dr Stuart Edser PhD. MAPS. MASCH. Principal Psychologist
    Newcastle Psychology & Health
    20 Kendall St LAMBTON NSW 2299 T. 61 2 4952 9777 F. 61 2 4952 8777
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