Sunday, June 16, 2013

Papal Blessing for Bikes Offfers Hope for Gays!!!

Pope Francis is gaining a reputation for his ability to embrace the "ordinary" in life. He lives simply, catches a bus when he can and pays his own bills. His role as Pontiff  has him rubbing shoulders with world leaders, rock stars and minor TV celebrities.

Recent reports from Rome include a Papal  blessing for 1400 Harley Davidson bikes and their riders. The blessing was offered to the company as part of its 110th anniversary of foundation. You can also view  The Pope Gets 2 Harley-Davidson photo gallery.

Is it any wonder the Church has a credibility problem. It's OK to bless bikes but not OK to bless the love and commitment of same sex couples.

Does this mean that Brisbane's famous "Dykes on Bikes" may have  roared into this event with the same confidence they show when they lead off Brisbane's Pride March?

Is the Vatican aware that a simple Google search shows that Gay Bikers could have been part of the crowd when Pope Francis imparted his blessing? Did they have a sexuality check at the front gate?

I submitted a section of this post as a commentary on the CathNews coverage of the story. The editor didn't publish my response. The source of the story at Catholic News Agency had no problem with my text. If you really want to see a Catholic moshpit in full swing have a look at the comments in the coverage of this story in the Huffington Post.

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