Saturday, March 02, 2013

I was a stranger and you welcomed me ( Matthew 25:35)

There are times when our core values are challenged by personal story rather than political rhetoric and street rallies. The generous and humanitarian response of my friends Damien and Linda to a refugee family is one that could be lived in every suburb of our land.Read this story of community compassion here.

The CathNews site allows for readers comments and among those that contributed to this story was one of Brisbane's leading advocates for refugee rights, Frederika Steen.
Loved your heart warming story! Your direct action is a great model for others to follow, and the need is enormous with the release of people from detention centres who are on Bridging Visas for as long as it takes to finalise their claims for protection. 

Those arriving after 13 August will not be allowed to work... robbing them of the dignity, self respect and means of supporting their family left behind- because the escape journey is so dangerous and costly.

I hope more good folk will personalise their support for a humane asylum policy and help these asylum seekers. The Australian Homestay Network (see website) is one way, but local groups ( often around parishes) are pitching in with accomodation and moving, support and furnishings and food parcels.A spare room, a granny flat would be greatly appreciated especially by youths who aspire to study and finish high school before going on to TAFE or University. 

There are 100s of Unaccompanied Minors here without their family, who on turning 18 are on their own.

Read more of Damien's life and passions on his blog
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