Thursday, February 14, 2013

Drasko Dizdar:The End of Religion?

There are moments when you stumble across a piece of writing that demands more than  cursory  attention.

Dr Drasko Dizdar is a member of the Emmaus monastic community, and a theologian with the Tasmanian Catholic Education Office.

Thanks to Drasko for this contribution. This text demands  reflection of some depth. It calls us to conversion of mind and heart that shakes the very foundation of our relationships.

Desire, envy and the consequent violence are never far from our lived experience. The call to nonviolence is the core of the Gospel and is as radical s Drasko's claim of Jesus as the first "non-religious" person.

In this contest our practices through Lent of fasting, almsgiving and prayer take on a fresh urgency in a culture of death and violence.

The invitation to "put on Christ" (Romans 13:14) is the way we become "Easter people"

On Violence and Religion

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