Monday, November 05, 2018

November Memories

The life cycle of a Catholic is measured in religious language and  liturgical patterns that have colour, imagery and myth to nurture the connection to community and the Divine.

During November, churches often provide memorial books to record the names and memory of those who have died. For the devotional Catholic  November is the "Month of the Holy Souls" which is often celebrated in more public rituals of the dead with processions and graveside visits.

The "soul" language is introduced on the 2nd November with the celebration of All Souls Day. I have vivid memories of my life as a young altar boy with multiple Masses being celebrated "back to back" in my parish Church in Geelong West. This culture has also left us  an extraordinary musical heritage of Requiems.

November carries so many memories for me as it is the month my father died 26 years ago. This year as is my custom  I will write the names of both my father and my mother in  a memorial book at my local Cathedral. RIP my loving parents.

This year I will also add the names of the 12 men who lost their lives in detention on Manus island, Nauru and Christmas Island

Moammed Sawar (Nauru 2002)
Reza Barati (Manus 2014)
Hamed Khazaei (Manus 2014)
Fazal Chegani (Christmas Island 2015)
Omid Masoumali (Nauru 2016)
Rakib Khan (Nauru 2016)
Kamil Hussain (Manus 2016)
Faysal Ishak Ahmed (Manus 2017)
Hamed Shamshiripour (Manus 2017)
Rajeev Rajendran (Manus 2017)
Sayed Ibrahim (Nauru 2017)
Salim Kyawning (Manus 2018)

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