Monday, September 17, 2012

Looking for a personal priest: apply now!!!

In a breath taking report from CathNews I have discovered a new role for Catholic Clergy. It seems that the UK singer, Charlotte  Church has a personal priest. Fr Richard Reardon has  now gained some celebrity status. I expect part of his workload may include advising Ms Church on her relations with the Vatican.

How does one get a personal priest? My Archdiocese doesn't have an application process and I can't afford to fly over to Cardiff where Fr Reardon has launched this exciting ministry initiative. 

Does  one get appointed the same way as spiritual directors? I wonder what the criteria would be  for such a role? Obviously the priest would need a mobile phone so I imagine that  texting  pastoral suggestions and quotable quotes would be standard. 

Would your personal priest be available for Home Masses? (remember them from the good old days). 

I am taking applications now and invite interested clergy to send me a copy of their CV, preferred social media, two passport size photos ( one with vestments please) and their hours of availability.
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