Saturday, August 04, 2012

Ten Days For Peace

Ten Days for Peace is an initiative of the Catholic Church in Japan that runs from August 6 to August 15. It has its origins in the "Appeal for Peace made by Pope John Paul II when visiting the Hiroshima Peace memorial in 1981.

In the 2012 Letter launching the Ten Days for Peace, Leo Jun Ikenaga SJ said:
"This appeal called upon everyone in the world to abolish nuclear weapons, denounce nuclear wars, and commit ourselves to peace. Responding to this, the Catholic Church in Japan defined the days between August 6 and 15 as “Ten Days for Peace”, a special period to think of our responsibilities to peace, to learn about peace and to work for peace."

I invite you to join me in a time of solidarity with the Church in Japan as we pray these ten days. The following themes are suggestions you may like to use as a focus for each of the days.

Day One August 6: Prayer for the abolition of Nuclear Weapons
Day Two August 7 Prayer of World Religions for Peace
Day Three August 8 Prayer for Syria
Day Four August 9 Prayer for the ANZACS from  the Sisters of St Joseph
Day Five August 10  Prayer for Peace in Sudan
Day Six August 11 Prayer for Sri Lanka
Day Seven August 12  Prayer of St Francis
Day Eight August 13 Prayer for Palestine
Day Nine August 14 Prayer of Micah the Prophet Today is the feast day of the prophet)
Day Ten August 15 Prayer for Christina Peacemaker Teams

Suggested Readings for the Ten Days For Prayer

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