Saturday, May 26, 2012

Newtown Parish Used to Launch Homophobic Atack

One of the downsides of living in the  northeast State of Queensland is its new politics. Another longer tradition is the experience of being left out of so called "National Tours" by celebrities. It seems that religious celebrities also miss out on the opportunity to "grace our State". The most recent example of this is the Australian Tour of Michael Voris.

Now I imagine that many readers of this blog will be scrambling to their  search engines as this is the first time I have mentioned Michael on this blog. To save you the trouble here is the all slick man himself in full flight as he launches into a tirade of homophobia outside the Parish Church of St Joseph's in Newtown,NSW.

It may not surprise readers to notice that the video clip has disabled comments. I guess Mr Voris is not keen on dialogue and conversation. A simple web search shows that the Friday evening Mass at St Joseph's is not advertised as a "Gay Mass'.

Full marks to Peter Maher, the pastor at St Joseph's who has posted a response to this video presentation. Peter makes a solid case for pastoral inclusion rather than the subtle homophobic dismissal of Michael Voris.

Mt Voris likes to add his STB to his credits,however it turns out that the  triple acronym is just a fancy undergrad  degree in Theology. When it comes to  the issue of the Church and sexuality I think I would place more cred on Peter's pastoral experience and community recognition of his professional practice.
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