Thursday, April 12, 2012

Jesus and the Gospels by Maurice Ryan

I love a a good mystery with the challenge of human personalities, cultural settings and the amazing wordsmith ability of writers.Agatha Christie, Arthur Conan Doyle and G.k. Chesterton  have been some of my favourite writers of this genre.

As well as the "Whodonit" mysteries, we have the "Who Was He" mystery of Jesus of Nazareth. Ever since my days as a young theology student 40 years ago I have continued to be intrigued by this particular mystery. The writers of the four Gospels  have been a constant feature in my travelling book collection. My versions of the Christian Scriptures include The New Jerusalem Bible, The Christian Community Bible and the popular Good News text.

Alongside the ancient writers of the Jesus Story I carry with me popular and scholarly commentaries that  have pushed and challenged my understanding of the message contained within the Gospel texts.Among these books I often refer to these days are  Binding the Strong Man by Ched Myers, Jesus a Revolutionary Biography by John Dominic Crossan,and  Honest to Jesus by Robert W Funk. As well as books I also use blogs including Australian Biblical scholar, Michael Carden.

So I was quite pleased to read of a new publication from an old work colleague, Dr Maurice Ryan: Jesus and the Gospels This work has just hit the shelves and I read of it via Damien Brennan's newsletter. The review Damien has posted is enough to encourage me to go out and get a copy of this work. Maurice is an educator as well as a scholar and this is evident in his publications from Lumino Press.

The book is not yet  listed on the publisher's web site but is well promoted by John Garrett and Google. I have added it to my shopping cart and encourage readers of this blog to join me in some conversation about Maurice's book.

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